30 Nov 2015
November 30, 2015

Professor Petrovic Returns from China

Recently, Southwest Forestry University from Kunming, China invited KPRC Professor Emeritus Zoran Petrovic to spend two months teaching Polyurethane Chemistry and Technology on their campus. This visit was part of China’s “High-end Foreign Experts Recruitment Program” that invites top foreign scientists in select fields to teach and help with research in their universities.  While there, Prof. Petrovic mentored research on converting bio-based chemicals to polymers. Kunming, located in southwestern China with a population of 7 million, is the capital of the Yunan province; close to Tibet, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.  Most of the work in the engineering department is focused on converting wood (forest) products to useful chemicals and fuel.  Individuals within the department are also working on biodiesel and polymers from rubber seed oil, jatropha oil and castor oil. A major emphasis of their research is on the catalytic pyrolysis of wood (biomass) to bio-oil, char, and gaseous products which are utilized widely as green fuels and chemicals.