Recent Papers (2009-2015)

  1. Biocompatible fibers from thermoplastic polyurethane reinforced with polylactic acid microfibers
    Vladislav Jašo, Marko V Rodić, Zoran S. Petrović

    Eur. Polym. J. (2015), 63, 20-28.

  2. Alkynated and azidated octadecane as model compounds for kinetic studies of Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition in vegetable oils
    Jian Hong, Dragana Radojčić, Djavan Hairabedian, Xianmei Wan and Zoran S. Petrović

    Eur. J. Lip. Sci. Tech. 2015, 117, 2, 266–270

  3. Biodegradability study of polylactic acid/ thermoplastic polyurethane blends
    Vladislav Jašo, Gregory Glenn, Artur Klamczynski, Zoran S. Petrović

    Polym. Test. (2015), 47, 1-3.

  4. Thermoplastic Polyurethanes with Isosorbide Chain Extender
    Ivan Javni, Olivera Bilić, Nikola Bilić, Zoran S. Petrović, Eric A. Eastwood, Fan Zhang, Jan Ilavský

    Article first published online: 28 AUG 2015, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, DOI: 10.1002/app.42830, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 132, Issue 47, December 15, 2015

  5. Thermoplastic polyurethanes with controlled morphology based on methylene diphenyldiisocyanate/ isosorbide/ butanediol hard segments
    Javni, O. Bilić, N. Bilić, Z. S. Petrović, E. A. Eastwood, F. Zhang J. Ilavský

    Article first published online: 22 June 2015 Published online; Polymer International, DOI 10.1002/pi.4960 , Polymer International, Volume 64, Issue 11, pages 1607–1616, November 2015

  6. Segmented polyurethane elastomers by nonisocyanate route
    J Nanclares, ZS Petrović, I Javni, M Ionescu, F Jaramillo

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 132 (36) (2015)

    Zoran S Petrovic, Ivan J Javni, Mihail Ionescu, Ivana Cvetkovic, Alisa Zlatanic, Nikola Bilic, Kwangjin Song, Doopyo Hong, John J Bozek, Murray S Toas

    US Patent 20,150,252,185 (2015)

  8. Functionalized vegetable oils as precursors for polymers by thiol-ene reaction
    M Ionescu, D Radojčić, X Wan, ZS Petrović, TA Upshaw

    European Polymer Journal 67, 439-448 (2015)

  9. Production of polyols using distillers grains and proteins and lignin extracted from distillers grains
    S Bassi, MD Parker, M Ionescu, Z Petrovic

    US Patent App. 14/516,414 (2014)

  10. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers from modified oleic acid
    OS Yemul, ZS Petrović

    Polymer International 63 (10), 1771-1776 (2014)

  11. Novel Renewable Polyols Based on Limonene for Rigid Polyurethane Foams
    RK Gupta, M Ionescu, D Radojcic, X Wan, ZS Petrovic

    Journal of Polymers and the Environment 22 (3), 304-309 (2014)

  12. Polyurethane molded foams with high content of hyperbranched polyols from soybean oil
    A Zlatanić, I Javni, M Ionescu, N Bilić, ZS Petrović

    Journal of Cellular Plastics, 0021955X14537660 (2014)

  13. Polyglycerol based polyols and polyurethanes and methods for producing polyols and polyurethanes
    ZS Petrovic, M Ionescu, I Javni

    US Patent App. 14/248,810 (2014)

  14. Advanced materials from corn: isosorbide-based epoxy resins
    J. Hong, D. Radojčić, M. Ionescu, Z. S. Petrović and E. Eastwoodb

    Polym. Chem., 2014, 5, 5360-5368

  15. Biobased-petrochemical hybrid polyols
    M Ionescu, ZS Petrovic, I Javni

    US Patent 8,692,030 (2014)

  16. RK Gupta, M. Ionescu, D. Radojcic
    X Wan, ZS Petrovic

    J Polym Environ 22, 304-309 (2014)

  17. Bio-plastics and elastomers from polylactic acid/thermoplastic polyurethane blends
    Vladislav Jašo, Miroslav Cvetinov, Srđan Rakić, Zoran S. Petrović

    J. Appl. Polym. Sci. (2014), 131, 41104.

  18. Vegetable oil cast resins via click chemistry: Effects of cross-linkers
    Jian Hong, Bipin K. Shah and Zoran S.

    Eur. J. Lip. Sci. Tech. 2013, 115, 1, 55–60

  19. Novel elastomeric polyurethane fibers modified with polypropylene microfibers,
    Vladislav Jašo, Jelena Milić, Vladimir Divjaković, Zoran S. Petrović, J.

    Eur. Polym. (2013), 49, 3947-3955.

  20. Novel potentially biodegradable polyurethanes from bio-based polyols
    Dragana Radojčić, Mihail Ionescu, Zoran S. Petrović,

    Contemporary Materials, IV-1 (2013)

  21. Polyurethanes from Soybean Oil, Aromatic, and Cycloaliphatic Diamines by Non Isocyanate Route
    Ivan Javni, Doo Pyo Hong, Zoran S. Petrovic´

    J. Appl. Polym. 128 (1) , 566–571, (2013)

  22. Biological oils as precursors to novel polymeric materials
    ZS Petrović, I Javni, M Ionescu

    Journal of Renewable Materials 1 (3), 167-186 (2013)

  23. Polyols and polyurethanes from crude algal oil
    ZS Petrović, X Wan, O Bilić, A Zlatanić, J Hong, I Javni, M Ionescu, J Milić,

    Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society 90 (7), 1073-1078 (2013)

  24. Soybean oil plasticizers as replacement of petroleum oil in rubber
    ZS Petrovic, M Ionescu, J Milic, JR Halladay

    Rubber Chemistry and Technology 86 (2), 233-249 (2013)

  25. Enhanced oligomeric polyols and polymers made therefrom
    TW Abraham, J Malsam, XA Guo, M Ionescu, IJ Javni, ZS Petrovic

    US Patent 8,440,783 (2013)

  26. Curing and properties of isosorbide-based epoxy resins
    ZS Petrovic, M Ionescu, J Milic, E Eastwood


  27. Phase structure in segmented polyurethanes having fatty acid-based soft segments
    ZS Petrović, DP Hong, I Javni, N Erina, F Zhang, J Ilavský

    Polymer 54 (1), 372-380 (2013)

  28. Thermosetting allyl resins derived from soybean fatty acids
    Q Luo, M Lui, Y Xu, M Ionescu, ZS Petrovic

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 127 (1), 432-438 (2013)

  29. Foam, composition, and method
    Zoran S Petrovic, Ivan J Javni, Mihail Ionescu, Ivana Cvetkovic, Alisa Zlatanic, Nikola Bilic, Kwangjin Song, DooPyo Hong, John J Bozek, Murray S Toas

    US Patent App. 13/729,103 (2012)

  30. Vegetable oil-based hyperbranched polyols in flexible foams
    ZS Petrović, I Cvetković

    Contemporary Materials 1 (3), 63-71 (2012)

  31. Solution properties of biobased hyperbranched polyols investigated by multiple‐detection size exclusion chromatography
    J Milic, I Teraoka, ZS Petrovic

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 125 (S2), E586-E594 (2012)

  32. Polyols and rigid polyurethane foams from cashew nut shell liquid
    Mihail Ionescu, Xianmei Wan, Nikola Bilić and Zoran S. Petrović

    J Polym. Environment , published online: DOI 10.1007/s10924-012-0467-9. (2012)

  33. Hyperbranched polyols from hydroformylated methyl soyate
    Zoran S. Petrović, Ivana Cvetković, Jelena Milić, DooPyo Hong and Ivan Javni

    JAppl.Polym.Sci. (2012) 125(4), 2920-2928.

  34. High Strength Thermoresponsive Semi-IPN Hydrogels Reinforced with Nano-clays
    Jasna Djonlagic, Dragana Žugić and Zoran Petrović

    J.Appl.Polym.Sci. 124( 4) 2012, 3024–3036;

  35. Cationic polymerization of biological oils
    M Ionescu, ZS Petrovic

    US Patent 8,013,088 (2011)

  36. Biopolymers from Vegetable Oils via Catalyst- and Solvent-Free “Click” Chemistry: Effects of Cross-Linking Density
    Jian Hong, Qiang Luo, Xianmei Wan, Zoran S. Petrović and Bipin K. Shah

    Biomacromolecules , 2011, 13 (1), pp 261–266.

  37. Thermosetting Allyl Resins Derived from Soybean Oil
    Qiang Luo, Min Liu, Yijin (Frank) Xu, Mihail Ionescu, and Zoran S. Petrović

    Macromolecules 2011, 44, 7149–7157.

  38. Structure and properties of flexible polyurethane foams with nano- and micro-fillers
    Ivan Javni, Kevin Song, Jie Lin and Zoran S Petrovic

    Journal of Cellular Plastics, 47(4) 357–372 (2011).

  39. Phenolation of vegetable oils
    Mihail Ionescu and Zoran S. Petrovic

    J. Serb. Chem. Soc. 76 (4) 591–606 (2011)

  40. Reacting a mixture of an epoxidized vegetable oil, optionally blended with blending petrochemical-based polyols, and a ring opener such as propanol, isopropanol or butanol, to form an oligomer, preferably in the presence of self-regulating fluoroboric acid
    ZS Petrovic, I Javni, A Zlatanic, A Guo

    US Patent 7,786,239 (2010)

  41. Biodegradation of thermoplastic polyurethanes from vegetable oils
    ZS Petrović, Y Xu, J Milić, G Glenn, A Klamczynski

    Journal of Polymers and the Environment 18 (2), 94-97 (2010)

  42. Polymers from biological oil

    Contemporary Materials (2010) I−1, 39-50.

  43. Catalyst-and Solvent-free “Click” Chemistry: A Facile Approach to Obtain Cross-linked Biopolymers from Soybean Oil Biomacromolecules
    Jian Hong, Qiang Luo, and Bipin K. Shah

    2010, 11 (11), pp 2960–2965

  44. Vegetable Oil-Based Triols from Hydroformylated Fatty Acids and Polyurethane Elastomers
    Zoran S. Petrović, Ivana Cvetković, DooPyo Hong, Xianmei Wan, Wei Zhang, Timothy W. Abraham, Jeffrey Malsam

    Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2010, 112, 97–102.

  45. High functionality polyether polyols based on polyglycerol
    Mihail Ionescu and Zoran S. Petrovic

    J.Cellular Plastics, (2010) 46 (3), 223-237.

  46. A chemical route to high molecular weight vegetable oil-based polyhydroxyalkanoate
    Zoran S. Petrović, Jelena Milić, Yijin Xu and Ivana Cvetković

    Macromolecules 2010, 43 (9), pp 4120–4125

  47. Biodegradation Of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes From Vegetable Oils
    Zoran S. Petrović, Yijin Xu, Jelena Milić, Gregory Glenn and Artur Klamczynski

    J. Polym.Environment (2010) 18(2), 94-97.

  48. Ethoxylated Soybean Polyols for Polyurethanes
    Mihail Ionescu, Zoran Petrovic and Xianmei Wan

    J.Polym. Environment, (2010), 18:1-7.

  49. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers with high bio-based content
    Zoran S Petrović and Jelena Milić

    (GPEC, Orlando March 2010).

  50. Bio-environmental Research at Kansas Polymer Research Center
    ZS Petrovic, I. Javni

    Polimeri 2010, 31, 41-43.

  51. Polyurethanes from hybrid vegetable oil/petrochemical polyester polyols
    Z.S. Petrovic, Ye Ji, M. Ionescu

    Polymer Preprints 2010, 51 (1) 757-758.

  52. Vegetable Oil-Based Triols from Hydroformylated Fatty Acids and Polyurethane Elastomers
    Zoran S. Petrović, Ivana Cvetković, DooPyo Hong, Xianmei Wan, Wei Zhang, Timothy W. Abraham, Jeffrey Malsam

    Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2010, 112, 97–102.

  53. Polioles con alto contenido de renovables para el mercado de espumas rigides de poliuretano
    Zoran S petrovic, Timothy W. Abraham, Ricardo Degenova

    Revista de Plasticos Modernos, 2009, 97, 440-446.

  54. Semi-Interpenetrating Networks Based on Poly(N-Isopropyl Acrylamide) and Poly(N-Vinylpyrrolidone)
    Dragana Žugić, Pavle Spasojević, Zoran Petrović, Jasna Djonlagić

    J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2009 , 113 (3), 1593-1603.

  55. Polyacetal polyols for polyurethanes
    Mihail Ionescu, S. Sinharoy and Zoran S. Petrovic

    J Polymer and Environment 17, 123-130, 2009.