22 Apr 2016
April 22, 2016

KPRC Scientist Publishes 2nd Edition Book

Dr. Mihail Ionescu, a Sr. Research Associate at the Kansas Polymer Research Center, published the 2nd edition of Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethanes this month.  Ten years have passed since the publication of the 1st edition and the worldwide development of this polyurethanes – especially in polyols from renewable resources – has merited a second edition.  Including an addition of over 200 pages to the first edition, the handbook is split in two volumes.  Volume 1 details the development of polyols for elastic polyurethanes while the second volume focuses on polyols for rigid polyurethanes.  The 2nd edition contains a summary and history of basic polyurethane chemistry, the synthesis and characterization of polyols, and a discussion about the relationships between polyol structure and final properties.  Additional topics include polyols from renewable resources and other “green chemistry” aspects (e.g., flame retardant polyols and the chemical recovery of polyols).  The 2nd edition is available through Smithers Rapra publishers.