Ivan Javni, Ph.D.

Ivan Javni, Research Manager

Dr. Ivan Javni received his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science degrees at the Faculty of Technology, Tuzla, and his doctorate at University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He held a teaching position at the Faculty of Technology, Tuzla, from 1971-1981. In 1981, he joined Soda-So Co., a major producer of urethane components and systems in Yugoslavia, and was the Head of the Polyurethane Institute. He was also elected as an UNESCO expert for polyurethanes. He is currently Research Manager and Senior Research Scientist at the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas. He has published about 40 papers and over 10 patents and patent applications. His special interests are polyurethanes and elastomers in general. He was a co-awardee of the 2007 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and received the American Chemists Society Regional Award.